yesterday, on weworewhat.com (in my new favorite #overalls)
denim tassel dreams #comingsoon
velvet pants danceee @whitewallmag #nycult party  (at Up&Down)
digging this decor
@bleecker_thefrenchy goes to @jackswifefreda 👍 and approves of the mint lemonade too (at Jack’s Wife Freda)
on weworewhat.com today
pearl knuckle rings 👊 @bijules
Today on WWW: @currentelliott overalls (and actually my first non vintage pair) 🙈👍 #overallobsessedsincedayone #secondskin
previewing newness @hmusa - the new #hmconscious collection is unreal (but I can’t share pics just yet)
my little man in his little hoodie @bleecker_thefrenchy
#ootd new lighter shorter hair thanks to @sassoonsalonofficial
fedora tude - on weworewhat.com